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Double guide rail line module brand cross sliding module devices _ _ linear guide rail module principle

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-29
We know straight line module is a reciprocating motion transmission mechanism, so how to make a straight line reciprocating movement, how to accurately control movement, we usually use screw, or screw, it can convert rotary motion to linear motion, or convert linear motion into rotary motion, through the slide bearings from scrolling action into action, small frictional resistance and fine screw thread can better control the linear motion of the sliding table, are normally used in the precision industry.

    So why often choose to use linear module ball screw as transmission components? We can from the following aspects to analysis the reason of the next, bigger should reason is the high precision ball screw and high load capacity, let's see what are the aspects together.

    1, high repeat positioning accuracy

& emsp;   Ball screw nut and screw in ball rolling way realization of rolling friction between linear motion is with the aid of steel ball rolling, guide rail friction small, dynamic and static friction resistance difference is small, high repeat positioning accuracy, suitable for frequent start or reversing the moving parts.

    2, high wear small life

& emsp;   Rolling contact because of friction energy dissipation is small, so can make the long-term in a state of high precision linear rolling motion system. At the same time, due to the use of lubricating oil is very few, which makes the machine tool lubrication system design and use of maintenance has become very easy. Moreover, nut and screw the high hardness and is rolling friction between them, so it can realize high accuracy of fatigue life and life.

    3, strong carrying capacity, high speed movement is more stable

& emsp;   Linear rolling guide has good bearing performance, can bear the force and moment loads of different directions, such as under the direction of the up and down or so, and turbulence torque swing, shaking moment and torque. Therefore, has the very good load adaptability. Using wire rod rolling line gear coupling because of friction resistance is small, can make the required power supply and power transmission mechanism miniaturization, driving torque, greatly reduced. It can realize high speed linear motion, improve the work efficiency.

    4, trace and high-speed feed

& emsp;   Ball screw through many different thread spacing can realize high-speed trace of feed and feed, as long as we provide linear module of the pulse is small enough, even can realize micron grade feed, also can through big lead screw to achieve the high speed movement of the straight line module.

    So, the ball screw as a straight line module transmission components in recent years, more and more accepted by the market, these characteristics in many industries are necessary in the application of the automation of production, in the linear motion control scheme selection must clear requirements, and multidirectional consulting understand linear gear coupling manufacturer.

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