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Double guide rail line module company cross slide module use _ _ linear guide rail module specification

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-01
To emphasize the point is, keep the straight line guide rail lubrication and clean is very important. Therefore, when check the imported linear guide, must clean the surface of the linear guide, and then remove the parts around the linear guide. Everyone should be aware of oil seal is very fragile parts. Must be particularly careful when check and remove. Do not force too big, lest damage parts. Since then, carefully check the linear guide and the surrounding parts of oil seal, if symptoms is not good, should be replaced; If seal is broken, and linear guide cloud will fails, the device will stop running.

next, you need to check the linear guide lubricant. Lubrication for linear guide not only, and is very important for all imported linear guide rail. But, please do not add too much grease in the linear guide. Method to test the imported linear guide rail lubricant is as follows: apply a small amount of lubricant, then use two fingers friction. If there is pollution, you can feel it. Or, a thin layer of lubricant on the back of your hand, and then light seal test. 。 。 Then replace the linear guide lubricant. Using a linear guide at the oil lubrication, if possible, please remove the old oil, and then fill new oil, and at a lower speed machine for a few minutes. Collect as many as possible contaminants from the oil and oil flushing. Note: before use must be the oil filter. When instead of a linear guide at the grease lubrication grease, cutter can't use cotton installed in any part of the linear guide. Should pay special attention to this problem, especially in the use of small linear guide, because these residues fiber between rolling body is pressed into the and cause damage.

in the end, you need to pay attention to the bare linear guide cover. Check the linear guide, please do not make its exposure to pollutants or moisture. If the interruption of work, should be covered in the machine a layer of paper or similar material of plastic. If it is to be without disassembly of cleaning and inspection did not cover the linear guide, please brush with white spirit and coating to brush to clean it, then wipe with a lint-free cloth or dry with compressed air ( Linear guide) 。 Be careful not to begin to spin components. Use is similar to the dentist see linear guide rail surface, small mirror or probe holder or beads. Do not clean the sealing cover or dust linear guide, just wipe the outer surface. If the linear guide is damaged, the need to change. During the daily maintenance to replace linear guide than suddenly shut down due to damage of linear guide is much more economic.

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