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Double guide rail line module _ cross slide module application _ linear guide rail module load

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-01
Many linear guide market brand, can be replaced between each brand, this also is the trend of the whole transmission machinery products market. Each manufacturer is roughly there are two types of model layout rules, one kind is European, Japanese, represented by machine series product, the former is more popular in the machinery industry category.

linear guide selection principles:

1, the first performance rather than price: meet the design requirements should be first consider the user goals, and then find the proper suppliers to obtain a relatively low price is the right direction. Mechanical products especially the parts industry very few profits, in addition to the high-end brand if you ignore the channel factors basic can think price high quality.

2, preferred product type instead of brand: as a user, proud to be loyal to a brand's stupid, appropriate occasion at the appropriate time it is necessary to choose different brands of products.

3, give priority to the standard model rather than a particular model: each manufacturer samples under the same product listed many specifications, but in fact most likely do not produce or coordination &liaision instead is very long, so don't choose very norms, unnecessary to avoid in order, delivery time, maintenance.

4, give priority to continue the brand the availability or a single order rather than a single specification: don't take any discount of manufacturer, guide rail is not soy sauce, brewing and blending of cost difference.

linear guide selection steps and parameter calculation

1, determine the track width. Track width refers to the width of the slide. Track width is one of the key factors to determine the load size, four row ball ( Also some two rows of beads) The side rail of spot products generally have 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45, 55, 65, some brands more production to 45 specifications, only some small manufacturer may only to 30. Futures products also have 85, 120 and so on, but most of the manufacturer not production.

2, determine the long rail. The length is the length of rail, not a trip. Length = effective stroke + slider spacing ( More than 2 slider) + slider length & times; At the ends of the sliding block number + safe trip, if increase the shield, compressed length need to add protective cover on both ends. It is important to note that ask in advance the brand guide to the greater length, the specification is more than the length need to use docking. Most of the manufacturer to the whole length is 4000 (more The rail is commonly 1000) , some of which are 3000, and this is related to the processing equipment manufacturers.

need docking and users want to advance in the case of mounting holes on the machine better provide interface drawings. Another point, please pay special attention to guide the installation on distributed spacing is fixed, the user must pay attention to the position, in defining the long rail example: 15 of the rail, 600. If you don't tell supplier need to size, the end of the general state of the arrival of the goods is 10 mounting holes, two end to their recent installation guide hole center distance is 30, 30, but it could also be other dimensions. Each brand for the shipment size end of slightly different, most is the default equal at both ends. Also note that the length error of guideway, general brand under the default 2000 & plusmn; 1 ~ 2 mm, 2000 ~ 4000 & plusmn; 2 ~ 3 mm, if the user requirements, better error values specified on the purchase contract or provide drawings.

3, determine the slider type and quantity. Common slider is two kinds: flange type, square. The lower height, but a little wide, mounting holes is threaded hole, the latter a little higher, narrow, mounting holes is threaded blind holes. Both have short type, standard and long ( Some brands also known as the load, heavy load and heavy load) Ontology, the main difference is the slider ( Metal parts) Different length, installation hole hole spacing can be different, of course, most of the short type slider only two mounting holes. Slider quantity shall be determined through calculation by the user, in this only recommend one: to carry less, and more can be installed. Sliding block size and width of slippery course load type and quantity of the three elements.

4, accuracy grade is determined. Any product manufacturer will tagging precision grade, some manufacturers of annotation is more scientific, generally USES the name of a letter grade, such as the common standard N, H, precision grade standard P. Precision is a comprehensive concept, generally by the slider benchmark relative sliding rail with lateral side walk straight line error, combination height error, slide rail profile to block the benchmark side width error and height error and the width in pairs in pairs. For most industrial machinery, general grade precision can meet the requirements, higher choose class H, to select the P level common nc machine tools, such as equipment, other ultra precision machinery choice SP ( Super precision) ,( Accuracy) It is advisable. Behind the three grades harsh conditions of installation and use is needed to demonstrate its performance.

5, and other parameters in addition to the above four main parameters, some parameters need to be sure, such as combination type of height, class of preloading. Height of combination types mainly include two categories: high low assembly model and assembly model, as the name implies, the combination of high assembly type height ( Slide rail bottom to the top surface of sliding block) , lower and lower assembly type, depending on the specification size differences between 2 ~ 7 mm, the cause of this difference is the different size slider height, generally has nothing to do with the slippery course ( Also some brand rail and the block are different) 。 The two types of guide other parameters affect less, user can choose.

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