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Double guide rail line module equipment _ cross slide module _ precision linear slide table design

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-29
Straight line module applications has always been more, especially along with the development of the automation industry, the application of linear module is also more common; But in the process of use, it may appear rusty phenomenon, straight line module rust will affect its service life and positioning accuracy. Actually most of the straight line module rust caused reasons are because of improper use, small make up today to tell you something in the process of using linear module should be how to avoid rust.

    When using linear module, be sure to use in normal temperature environment, as far as possible to avoid corrosive things together; If you have any perspiration hand when using, must not directly touch the guide rail, if use hand touch with perspiration guide, be sure to brush a layer of anti-rust oil afterwards. In order to avoid a straight line module rust, everybody in use after, is in straight line gear coupling sliding table is wiped anti-rust oil, it can play a protective role.

    In order to ensure that linear module, the outstanding performance, when use in addition to pay attention to avoid rusting, have to do some regular check, do some other maintenance. The slippery course of straight line module, for example, slippery course must apply some lubricant regularly, do not have enough lubrication, friction between the steel ball and rolling surface will increase, will lead to shorten the life of a straight line module; The user can according to the linear module of the running speed and the environment using select manual or automatic lubrication forced lubrication. And straight screw also must carry on the maintenance gear coupling, grease and other lubricants or for maintenance.

    Method to avoid rust simple linear module is as far as possible let it avoid oxidation, storage and use in normal temperature environment, if conditional word, can give linear gear coupling to wipe after using a layer of anti-rust oil, could better protect straight line module. Above is the small make up to introduce about in the process of using linear module should how to avoid rust, in addition to protecting the linear module itself, but also to protect some of its components, including the slide rail, screw, etc.

    Protect linear module does not rust, not only can guarantee the linear module is used in the process of precision, but also can increase the service life of it, so we must protect the linear module, as small make up in this paper is introduced, can effectively avoid the rust.

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