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Double guide rail line module load linear module custom _ _ fully sealed precision linear slide device

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-01
But how to choose a suitable own industry of linear sliding table, there are a lot of people don't know, here small make up to introduce the linear sliding table how to choose, can choose according to their own industry linear slide unit, the factors to consider here are the following:

straight line slide

the first slider can be divided into closed and open from the appearance, if it is dust-free workshop or small dust can choose open straight; Dust environment can consider to choose big or prone to besmirch enclosed linear slide.

second can choose according to the weight of the load linear slide unit, load in 30 kg can choose linear sliding table with synchronous belt transmission, load in more than 50 kg can choose type screw drive linear slide.

consider cost affordable, synchronous belt linear slide relative to the screw type linear slide unit price is a lot of more favourable.

consider using lifespan, synchronous belt linear sliding table is longer than the service life of the screw linear slide.

consider speed, synchronous belt slide speed can reach 2 m/s, this is the ball screw type slide temporarily unable to achieve.

consider size noise, synchronous belt slide low noise, almost silent, ball screw type sliding table is much big noise.

the accuracy of the problem, you can also in precision & plusmn; 0. 05 mm requirement can consider synchronous belt linear slide units, such as the accuracy requirement more sophisticated can choose screw type linear slide.

synchronous belt linear slide

according to the above factors, I believe you the choice of linear sliding table for already know, choose linear sliding table we can from the appearance, load weight, accuracy, price, service life, speed, noise and other factors to consider, according to their own products used to assess the right linear sliding table, if you still have what not clear in the operation of the place.

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