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Double guide rail line module manufacturers _ cross slide module use _ linear guide rail module control

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-29
Linear guide is also called the linear guide rail, slide rail, linear guide, linear slide rail, used in the situation of the straight line reciprocating movement, has the high rated load, than the straight line bearing can absorb a certain amount of torque at the same time, it can realize the condition of high load and high precision linear motion.

in China, linear guide is called linear guide, linear slide rail.

linear motion guide piece is used to support and guide the moving parts in a given direction for reciprocating linear motion.

straight line slide module as important machine tool parts, in the process of use at ordinary times, need to correct operation can prevent some abnormal wear and tear, can ensure that linear slide unit gear coupling of speed, precision and service life. And if at ordinary times can do daily maintenance, and can make linear slide a long time to maintain its good performance, prolong the service life and discover and eliminate the problems in a timely manner. Especially when the linear slide unit module when not in use for a long time, more attention should be given to the maintenance of the normal.

when linear slide unit module leader time when not in use, if you don't pay attention to maintenance, suddenly when using, probably because of corrosion rust and other reasons cause the loss of precision and speed, shorten the service life and other aspects of the fault. Daily maintenance includes the following several aspects:

1, such as linear slide unit module collocation for dc planetary gear motor, the motor stopped when the need to remove brush in dc motor, in order to avoid the chemical etching commutator damage, make the commutator performance and even make the whole sliding table module can't work normally.

2, timing to linear slide unit gear coupling electricity, especially in the rainy season or in the environment of the humidity is bigger more often electricity. Under the condition of the planetary gear motor is not running the machine lock, let it idle running, using the electrical components to disperse the heating principle of straight line the moisture inside the module, in order to ensure its stable and reliable performance. And often electricity can guarantee the spare battery charging demand, but need to check the voltage of the battery, such as too low to be replaced immediately, in order to prevent data loss caused by power.

3, to stop using the linear slide gear coupling use anti-rust oil and lubrication, regularly to prevent rust or corrosion, avoid to use when failure occurs.

CCM high-precision linear modules have a very small friction resistance, so only need a small driving force to move the load. Low friction resistance contribute to warming effect is small. Therefore, compared with the traditional sliding system, linear module friction resistance decreases and precision can keep for a long time.

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