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Double guide rail line module parameters _ _ cross slide module specification linear guide module quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-01
The software driver installed, line also answered well, but open the 4030 program panel, click & other; Connect the controller & throughout; Is don't respond, open the connection, the controller on the indicator light is normal also, normally on, up and down the middle.

may be the problem:

1. Driver fault

2. COM port not fault or the COM

3. Internal program controller damage secondary development

4. USB cable damage


1. Try to restart the controller under the

2. Access the USB line and change the COM in & other; My computer - Property - The device manager Port & throughout; Whether the connection status of normal view inside the COM

3. Reinstall drive and restart the computer

4. In computer try

5. May be the USB line to above are not damaged or internal program error control card

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