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Double guide rail line module selection cross slide module adjusting _ _ linear guide rail module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
Electric push rod by the driving motor, gear, screw, nut, guide sleeve, push rod, sliding seat, spring, shell and turbines, micro control switch, etc. Electric push rod is a new kind of electric actuator, electric putter is mainly composed of motor, push rod and control device of institutions such as a new type of linear actuator, can realize remote control, centralized control. Electric push rod movement back and forth in schedule within certain limits, trip in general electric putter standards, 100150200250300350400 mm, special events and can be customized according to different application requirements design. Electric push rod can be designed according to different application loads different thrust of electric putter, generally the thrust of 6000 n, no-load speed is 4 mm ~ 35 mm/s, electric putter in 24 v / 12 v dc permanent magnet planetary gear motor as power source, the motor rotation movement into linear reciprocating motion. Promote a set of linkage to complete the throttle switch, valves, valve, damper, etc. Using electric putter as actuators are not only can reduce the required air source device adopts pneumatic actuators and ancillary equipment, also can reduce the weight of the actuator. Pneumatic actuators in the process of the entire control operation requires a certain amount of pressure, although can use consumption small amplifier, etc. , accumulate over a long period, however, is still a lot of gas consumption. Using electric putter actuators, when the change of the opening of the control, need power supply, in the opening can no longer required power supply, therefore looked from energy saving, Kgg electric putter actuators than the pneumatic actuator has advantages of energy saving. Suitable for use over a long distance and used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, light industry, transportation, ships and other departments of the damper, valves, valve bodies such as the opening and closing, material handling, flow control, etc. Has been more and more departments use it instead of a hand, hydraulic valve, drive gear reducer, automatic device.

after geared motor to drive a screw nut. The planetary gear motor rotation movement into linear motion, make use of the motor and reversing completes the push rod movement. Such as leveraged, rocker arm, or connecting rod through various institutions such as rotation, shaking and other complex movements can be completed. By changing the length of the lever arm, can increase/decrease the itinerary. Stroke control device. Worm gear and worm drive form: turn on the motor gear and worm drive the worm, the worm gear in the small screw axial movement, driven by connecting plate limit lever make axial movement, corresponding to the desired trip, by adjusting the spacing block down stroke switch power, motor stop ( Positive and negative control) 。 After reduction gear drive gear form: planetary gear motor installed on the inner tube of small screw, driven to do with the connection of nut axial running, to set the trip nut feelers pressure limit switch power off, the motor stop movement, Reverse the same) 。 Optional potentiometer to push rod running schedule status display, still can add with encoder, walk the whole journey to take steps ( The stop-and-go) 。

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