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Double guide rail line module specification _ _ cross slide module size precision linear slide machine supplier

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-29
The degree of automation in industrial production, have already become the important measure of a enterprise strength, and the application of linear sliding table gear coupling plays a very important position. Sharp wing intelligent sliding table module types have a lot of science and technology, model also has a lot of, can't blind choice, more can't install.

straight line module

a good linear slide units, but also to consider four factors:

if a core components, screw and linear guide is high specifications.

2, aluminum is also a key components,

3, screw brackets should choose precision level,

4, transmission part of the planetary gear motor.

the maintenance process of linear sliding table module starts, use commonly in use process as long as the right steps to operate, will not affect the service life, in the work phase can periodically for testing, if there is any damage should be timely find the key or investigate operation is wrong. Generally 3 to 6 months internal clean, guide screw grease injection, consumable parts for replacement.

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