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Double guide rail line module speed cross slide module mute _ _ precision linear slide application

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
The accuracy requirement of the straight line module for

first, in the process of buying should be in accordance with the requirements for use. While this requirement includes many aspects.

for the requirement for precision, such as the accuracy of the using situation of high demand, advocate use screw type linear module, and the occasions with low requirements for precision belt type linear optional module. And load requirements, generally speaking, a standard belt type linear equality structure module than the screw type linear gear coupling load.

and other requirements such as speed, and application environment are need to do, sure is to use clean environment with linear module or general environment using the straight line module, in order to ensure the using life of straight line gear coupling.

second, although linear module of the device is quite simple, just put the related artifacts tighten, without complex adjustment program can be used. But the straight line module after all belong to the driving part of fine, still need to pay attention to in the process of plant light with light, or may be due to causes such as collision accuracy condition.

straight line module need to pay attention to maintenance, to apply lubricating oil regularly, especially in the rainy season should be pay attention to rust.

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