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Double guide rail line module to adjust _ _ cross slide module load precision linear slide brand

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-29
selection of the sliding table is follow the steps below:

& emsp;   1. To determine the gear coupling sliding table using the environment: according to use environment determine for general environment, clean environment, bad environment?

    2. Determine the module sliding table installation direction. Determine the module sliding table for horizontal installation, metope or vertical installation.

    3. Determine the module slipway carrying load.

    4. Accounting module, running speed and acceleration.

    5. The allowable torque check module sliding table: calculating static ( Uniform) Conditions and deceleration condition to the torque value: Ma, Mb and Mc.

    6. , the precision of the sliding table level requirements: clear need repeat positioning accuracy, walking parallel degree requirements, etc.

    7. Determine the motor installation style: the commonly used module type slide installation has a direct, planetary gear motor on the left side of the installation, the motor installed on the right side, such as installation of the bottom of the planetary gear motor side

& emsp;   8. slider stroke limit switch.

    9. Determine the module specifications and drive power sliding table.

module performance index of the sliding table can be measured from the following aspects.

module, the precision of the sliding table features: contain repeat positioning accuracy, positioning accuracy and parallelism to walk, walk the straightness, back gap, etc.

module slide movement characteristics: can carry weight, resisting moment capacity, speed, acceleration, running noise, etc.

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