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Double guide rail line module use _ cross slide platform module principle _ precision linear slide platform parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-29
Synchronous belt linear gear coupling is mechanical components, with planetary gear motor, drive and control system used at the same time. Is used to install the motor output shaft direction, so linear module of the output axis is important, module completes, then modify the unwrapped gear coupling will be together again.

synchronous belt linear gear coupling

we do synchronization module has eight kinds of output shaft with straight lines, customers can according to the location of the planetary gear motor output direction of the straight line module.

the customer can follow up the using demand of the synchronous belt linear module, installation method to determine the output shaft. At the beginning of the synchronous belt linear module before production, we will confirm to the customer to provide 3 d drawing, the customer, when confirmed we will produce according to drawing.

straight line module is a precision machinery parts, all components are the manual installation, a module looks simple, but many assembled workload, too, because it has a lot of components. So once way determines the output shaft, it is best not to change easily.

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