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by:Zhenyu      2020-02-11
Lindsay Brooks.
The motors that drive today\'s hybrid and electric vehicles are not much different from those pioneered by Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse a century ago.
Like their predecessors, modern motors use the engineer\'s preferred term, consisting of two elements: a fixed shell containing copper wire wound around the iron core, called a stator, and the rotor rotating inside the center of the stator opening.
The interaction of current and magnetic fields between the stator and the rotor produces rotating torque to rotate the shaft of the motor-
Turn the wheel around
Custom motors for work on cars need to develop new materials, complex electronic controls and some clever design variants, says Heath Hoffman, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Ann Arbor University of Michigan.
Advertising \"auto companies focus on machines that can operate in a wider range of speeds than typical fixed speeds
\"Speed up industrial motors,\" he said.
Two main designs of electric machineryC.
Entry and permanent
Magnets, dominant in today\'s hybrid and electric vehiclesV. ’s.
They are mainly different in the structure and operation of the rotor.
The magnetic field of the rotor in the advertising induction motor is generated by the current flowing through its copper winding.
In the rotor of permanent magnet design-
Type of motor that Chevrolet Volt will use-
The magnetic field is completely generated by a strong magnet and does not require current.
By making rare magnets, it is possible to make more powerful motors
Earth metals like nd increase the magnetic flux of the rotor (
Its total magnetic field)
So that it can generate more energy.
Each motor has its advantages and disadvantages. Permanent-
The magnet motor generates less rotor heat compared to the inductive type, which helps to improve efficiency.
However, with the increase of the size of the motor, the magnetic loss will increase accordingly, thus reducing the efficiency.
Professor Hoffman said that since permanent magnets tend to be brittle, the magnets are quite expensive for General Motors, Toyota and others to embed them in the rotor.
There are some strategic concerns: China\'s
Monopoly on known rare items
Earth metal source
Induction motors do not suffer corresponding losses as the size increases, and their design enables them to generate high power through high-speed operation;
The motor of the Tesla sports car rotates up to 14,000 r. p. m.
They are usually cheaper than permanent-magnet products.
Auto companies are beginning to improve their automotive electronics.
Before the hybrid cars became popular, there were cars.
For example, Remy invented a new stator.
Winding design using rectangular lines instead of circular lines, winding is arranged in multiple layers.
The company says its design reduces heat.
For car manufacturers, choosing a design can be attributed to the horsefor-
Course decision.
The induction motor seems to be the choice of battery E. V.
High performance is the main requirement, says Professor Hoffman. For economy-
Focusing on hybrid cars, permanent magnets may be better.
\"I think it\'s going to be an app --
Specifically, \"he said.
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