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Face mask machine precision stepper motor _60 stepper motor speed

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
Zhenyu screw stepper motor to aesthetic and practical

close to some of the more customers, are consulting about screw stepper planetary gear motor, exactly what kind of motor is called screw stepper motor? And screw stepper motor stability on earth? This is worth our discussion.

screw stepper motor is to distinguish between its average speed and naming, so-called the definition of high speed, actually refers to the definition of motor speed. Zhenyu standard motor, its running speed, around 3000 RPM, the rotating speed, is actually the traditional corresponding to the 2 pole motor and brushless motor itself, its speed does not need to control by series, but rather than accept the pulse frequency. When the pulse frequency increased, can achieve high speed.

however, when the planetary gear motor speed up, an important problem is that the rapid rise in temperature. Everyone understand the truth of the simulated flight, although and wood burning is far lower than the metal, but the wood is organic material, belong to no melting point, the metal, before they can achieve ignition point, to reach the melting point, therefore, a lot of motor manufacturers, at the time of making screw stepper motor, there is no positive considering the heat dissipation problem, although the products elegant, but, in fact, not durable.

screw stepper motor must have good cooling environment, this is a lot of customers don't understand, they all thought, on the planetary gear motor is full of holes, very affect product beautiful, sometimes, even urged manufacturers make screw stepper motor a totally enclosed, eventually led to the, screw stepper motor in only after a period of time, will shorten the service life. When doing the screw stepper motor, we will tell the customer, we have to put the motor in every direction do have cooling mouth, although look not so good-looking, however, is to ensure the machine is in use, longer life.

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