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Face mask machine stepper motor applications _60 stepper motor specification

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
Servo motor and stepper motor, the difference between the first two are special motor, can control the speed. But both control the speed of different principle: servo motor is a closed loop control ( Through the encoder feedback, etc) That will be real-time determination of the speed of the planetary gear motor; Stepper motor is open-loop control, enter a pulse stepper motor will be around a fixed point of view, but not speed are measured.

the other different, servo motor starting torque is large, which started quickly. A very short period of time can reach the rated speed. Suitable for frequent start-stop and start torque requirements, at the same time the power of the servo motor can do is very big, can be used very widely in production.

stepper motor start-up, is relatively slow, go through the process of frequency from low to high.

stepper motor generally have no overload capacity, and servo motor overload but fierce.

so although is both planetary gear motor, but the performance is different.

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