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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
Stepper motor racing is the real meaning of high speed? Two phase stepper motor high no-load speed can reach above 2000 RPM, but it is just a reference, no practical significance, because of the stepper planetary gear motor torque with the increase of rotational speed decreased rapidly, the high speed to a certain degree of torque is almost zero. Stepper motor step in the whole (without segmentation Every one revolution of the 200 pulse) Improve the clock frequency, people often find motor in high speed is far from empty locked-rotor, so no lofty speed how much, or even doubt whether your system is normal, that is the real reason.

the operation of the stepping motor under low speed performance is of practical significance, is generally 300 RPM to 600 RPM, considering the users to use mechanical reduction gear load, provide enough to make motor torque, constant speed of the motor is often choose in dozens of RPM, the motor for his great strength, high efficiency, low noise, vibration problem, want to rely on to increase the segmentation method to solve the of the driver.

high speed calculating formula for:

no-load speed ( Revolutions per minute) = 60 times the clock frequency / 200 times the fine fraction ( M is fine)

if M = 6, clock frequency = 50 KHZ

high loading speed is equal to about 2800 RPM

60 times 50000 namely, divided by 200 and 6, the product of the results.

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