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Face mask machine stepper motor custom _60 stepper motor factory

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
Stepper motor is to convert electric pulse excitation signal to control the discrete values of the corresponding angular displacement or linear displacement motor, the motor whenever enter an electrical impulses move one step, so also known as the pulse motor.

the classification and the working principle of stepper motor

1. Electromechanical stepper planetary gear motor

electromechanical stepper motor consists of core, coil, gear mechanism, etc. Will produce magnetic solenoid coil electricity, promote its core panels, through a rotary Angle of the output shaft gear mechanism, rotating the gear to keep the output axis of resistance in the new job position; Again electrify coil, a rotary Angle of rotation and, in turn to step into the movement.

2. Magnetoelectric stepper motor

magnetoelectric stepper motor with simple structure, high reliability, low price and wide application. Mainly include permanent magnet, the magnetic resistance type and hybrid.

3. Linear stepper motor

with reactive and sawyer type two kinds. Sawyer type linear stepper planetary gear motor by the stationary part ( Known as the reaction plate) And moving parts ( Move the son) Composition. Reaction plate made of soft magnetic materials, have teeth and slots on it evenly.

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