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Face mask machine stepper motor equipment _60 stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
1. Direct zero method.

the way device a suspended stop at zero, and then make the stepper motor drive in the direction of zero point of view, big enough when step motor back to zero, is blocked by stop, the planetary gear motor end bearing is zero.

the zero method is simple, but when the motor is stop block, still drives the motor performance of zero, thus not only on the stepper motor and transmission mechanism, formation damage will happen severe vibration and large noise.

2. Sensor method. The way device at zero hall switch, photoelectric diode, such as position sensor, when the stepper motor back to zero, the sensor signal is given, the control circuit detects the signal, the motor stops in the zero position. The zero method are accurate and reliable, but increased the complexity of the circuit, is must demand for device.

3. Choose belt stalling testing dedicated motor driver chip. The chip when the motor stalling, can immediately detect the motor stalling, and then determine the zero position. But the way poor universality, for stepping motor's winding current phase must demand, and this method cannot be used under the microstep driving method.

the above content for Zhenyu stepper motor questions encountered in practical work, for reference only, if you have any questions please timely communication, to point out mistakes.

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