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Face mask machine stepper motor factory _60 stepper motor quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
3 d printer is a cumulative manufacturing technology, namely a kind of rapid prototyping machine, it is a model of digital document as the foundation, using the special wax material, powder metal or plastic adhesive materials, such as through print layers of adhesive materials to create 3 d objects. 3 d printers are used to make product at present stage. Print one by one the way to construct the object technology.

in our common ordinary household type 3 d printers, step motor in a 3 d printer is a very important power components

step planetary gear motor, it is different from ordinary ac/dc motor, general motors to electric turned, but not a stepper planetary gear motor, stepper motor is receiving a command is executed step, there is no power motor, the amount of sliding weeks round distribution is the precision of the machine, the size of the step size is the precision of the stepper motor, stepper motor is divided into: a week, for example, 80, 00 steps, 200 steps, 280 steps, 300 steps, and so on. In the 3 d printer, stepper motor is responsible for the lifting machine Z axis ( Is responsible for the machine) with a thick layer of To make a explanation and technical precision.

the stepper motor with the chip program is how to control the 3 d printer thick? Stepper planetary gear motor to drive the Z axis rotation, the rotation of the Z axis drives the machine head rise, resulting in a thick. There are some brands of 3 d printers are adopted 50 types of step motor ( Is the motor outside diameter is 50 mm) Step, each week for 200, Z axis pitch of. 75 mm, then you can calculate the 3 d print out the height for each step of the product & other; 。 75毫米÷ 200 steps = 0. 0875 mm thick & throughout; , the X axis and Y axis is the same, this is the precision of a human hair, for those who are to fake technology is the precision, but it is not the result, in our technology, you can also use programming techniques will be stepper motor step to step down into 20, which is 0. 0875 mm divided by 20 equal to zero. 004375, that number is lower than the molecular weight of printed material, so just according to the layer then to determine the accuracy is not exact, of course, only mastered the core technology to do it.

in the 3 d printer, the stability of the stepping motor and operation directly affect the precision of 3 d printers print problem, for us to understand the relevant knowledge of stepper motor in the maintenance of 3 d printers plays a very important role.

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