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Face mask machine stepper motor load _ shenzhen mini stepper motor customization

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
High responsiveness motor is how to improve the efficiency of production?

step motor with high response, high synchronicity, gain adjustment, free of the characteristics of high torque at low speed. Compared with is more suitable for high speed servo motor, in short trip inching device has more advantage. Understand and use these features will help improve the overall efficiency of the equipment. First, let's compare the stepper motor and servo motor positioning when chasing for instructions from:

the schematic diagram we can see that in real time waiting for a command encoder feedback servo motor can happen & other; Delay & throughout; Setting time, and each location. And the stepper motor and pulse synchronization action, so almost no & other Delay & throughout; 。

braiding machine, and dial is given priority to with inching agencies on planetary gear motor positioning distance and location time is very short, and with the positioning is motor servo motor, the start and stop at the time of the setting time, account for a great proportion in the whole positioning time. And the stepper motor open loop, is completely in accordance with the instructions operation, won't waste time on their own adjustment. So when inching, stepper motor positioning time shorter, and the action, the more the higher the frequency, the higher the efficiency.

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