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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
In recent years, the stepping planetary gear motor drive technology of the development of our country everyone is there for all to see. From the original foreign outshine others in domestic various excellent drive technology, the emergence of can see the progress of domestic enterprises technical. Every technological innovation will bring a few high-end technology to lead the market. At present domestic commonly used drive method respectively: constant voltage driver, high and low voltage driver, self-excited constant current chopper driver, comparison of current chopping driver, dive into the drive, etc. Current chopping driver is on the market at present mainly adopts the technology. Below we together to meet the advantages and disadvantages of these five kinds of driven approach.

1. Constant voltage driver

single voltage drive is to point to in the working process of the motor winding, use only one direction for winding the power supply voltage, multiple winding alternating voltage. The way is a way of older drivers, basic need not now.

advantage: the circuit is simple, less component, control is simple, to implement simple

disadvantages: triode must provide enough current to switch handle, stepper motor speed is lower, the motor vibration is larger, fever. Because is no longer in use, so not much description.

2. High and low voltage driver

due to the constant voltage driver exist disadvantages above and the further development of technology, the development of new high and low voltage driver to improve the constant voltage driver part of faults, the principle of high and low voltage driver is, at the time of step motor movement to the whole using high pressure control, in the movement to the half step when using low pressure control, stop is also used in low pressure to control.

advantages: high and low voltage control in some extent, improved the vibration and noise, the first time, puts forward the concept of subdivided control stepping motor, and also puts forward the stops the operation mode of the current in half.

disadvantages: complex circuit is relatively constant voltage driver, improve frequency characteristic of triode requirements, motor at low speed vibration is larger, still fever is still relatively large, now basically do not use this kind of drive mode.

3. Self-excited constant current chopper driver

the working principle of self-excited constant current chopper driver is when the current reaches a set value through hardware design through hardware will shut down the current, and then converted to electricity, another winding another winding electric current to a fixed current, but also through hardware to shut it down, so repeatedly, advancing step motor running.

advantages: less noise, rotating speed to some extent, raised, performance than the previous two have certain to improve.

disadvantages: for circuit design requirement is higher, the anti-jamming circuit requirement is higher, easy to cause high frequency, burn out driving element, the element performance requirements are higher.

4. Current compare chopping driver

current chopping driver is the stepper planetary gear motor winding current value is converted into A certain percentage of the voltage, and the comparison to the D/A converter output preset, compare the results to control the switch of power tube, so as to achieve the purpose of the control winding current.

advantage: make the characteristics of the movement control simulation sine wave, greatly improve the performance, speed and noise is small, can use higher segmentation, is the current popular control method.

weakness: the circuit is more complex, the circuit is difficult to control and the theory of interference fit requirement, the prone to jitter, formed in the control of sine wave peaks and troughs, easily lead to the high frequency interference, resulting in driving element fever or aging due to high frequency, it is also a lot of drive to use more than one year when prone to the main reason for the red light protection.

5. Dive into type driving

this is a new kind of motion control technology, the technology is in the current under the premise of chopper drive technology, to overcome the shortcomings of these methods and innovation of a new driver. Its core technology is in the current chopping driver under the premise of increasing the driving element heating and high frequency suppression protection technology.

advantages: comparison with current chopping driver, the advantages of fever small, long service life.

faults: new technology, the price is quite high, at present each step motor and drive is relatively strict matching.

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