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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
Why must match the stepping stepper motor drives to use? Stepper motor and stepper motor drives belong to the same matching products. When the controller sends pulses to stepper motor drives, distributing the pulse amplification received stepper motor drive, stepper motor turned up.

the rotation of the stepper motor is inherent step step by step from the Angle of operation, each step it is apart from the Angle of constant, and keep the precision of position, which is one of the inherent characteristics of stepper motor. So no matter how many times rotation, always without accumulated error. It is because the stepper motor control method is simple, low cost, can be quickly applied to all kinds of open loop control.

mentioned stepper motor run needs to have a pulse distribution type of power electronic device drivers, the device is the stepper motor drives. It by receiving pulse signal from the control system, according to the structure characteristics of stepper planetary gear motor, pulse sequence distribution, realize to control the angular displacement, rotation speed and direction of rotation, braking load state and free state. When each send a pulse signal control system, through the drive will be able to drive a step away from the Angle of stepping motor rotation. Stepper motor speed is proportional to the pulse signal frequency. Angular displacement quantity related to the pulse number. Stepper motor stop rotating, can produce two kinds of state: can produce brake load or part of the largest holding torque and rotor in a state of freedom.

so, stepper planetary gear motor driver must match the stepper planetary gear motor model. Otherwise, it will cause damage to and stepper motor drives.

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