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Face mask machine stepper motor selection _60 stepper motor control

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-30
Talking about the advantages of brushless planetary gear motor, not all people, at least have a certain understanding on the motor will know, long life, rate, low noise, simple to use convenient, etc. But it can give a person a kind of erroneous zone, mainly reflected in vibration. In general, we will reduce the default for its low noise vibration is very small. Such a drawback, just will exclude massager this kind of product.

but it's actually not the case. To understand the performance of brushless planetary gear motor as well as product and customer experience, some massage products, such as massage pillow, because of its strict demands on the noise, the strict with electromagnetic interference, brushless planetary gear motor is a very good choice. A disadvantage is that the working voltage of these small massager is lower, generally in the 4 - The appearance of 5 v. The customer only need to do some small changes, to increase the voltage to 6 v can be achieved. Our company already has several in the production of brushless motor vibration case, also hope that more and more people to know this feature.

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