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Face mask machine stepper motor supplier _60 stepper motor selection

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-31
Zhenyu stepper planetary gear motor is the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or line open loop control elements of displacement. In the case of the overload, motor speed, stop position depends only on the control of the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, pulse number, the more the greater the Angle of motor rotation. Pulse frequency is higher, the faster the motor speed, but no more than the high frequency, otherwise the planetary gear motor torque rapidly decreases, and the motor does not turn.

the kinds of stepping motor:

reactive: rotor winding, reaction by the excitation of the stator torque implementation step;

the excitation type: have the field winding, rotor ( Or the rotor magnet steel) By the electromagnetic torque implementation step by step;

servo type: output torque in a few percent to several ten points ( N*M) Can only drive smaller load, hydraulic amplifier with known, to drive the machine table, such as trap load;

type: power output torque in 5 - More than 50 n * M, can direct drive machine table, such as load of trap;

by number of stator is divided into the single stator type, double stator type, three type of the stator, the stator type more

according to the distribution of each phase winding is divided into distributed radial, axial distributed

radial distributed: motor each phase according to the circular lined

axial distributed: motor each phase axial lined up according to the

the working principle of stepper motor is actually the action principle of electromagnet, will attract nearly teeth after the power supply, when a particular phase of the stator excitation, it attracts a rotor, rotor tooth and the tooth alignment on the phase of the stator poles, a rotor rotating Angle, in a phase to electricity, the rotor and a rotary Angle. So each phase in turn constantly electricity, rotor rotating non-stop.

the planetary gear motor running direction and phase sequence of the electricity, change the power phase sequence, motor running direction is changed.

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