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Face mask machine stepper motor trip _ shenzhen mini stepper motor brand

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
How gear motor wiring, believe that everyone is no stranger to gear motor, it has been widely used in the electric drive. The motor wiring is correct will directly affect its performance, therefore, we want to make it play a good using effect, must first learn to wiring.

how gear motor wiring, we can according to the direction of the geared motor nameplates. it connection, such as separate separate excitation winding to meet alone, and then join the armature winding, startup should start the armature.

how gear motor wiring, the series type gear planetary gear motor, so long as the planetary gear motor pairing the polarity, if the reverse, a change of is negative.

how gear motor wiring, must note that the deceleration motor when starting or work, excitation circuit must get through, can't let it off, or as long as there is a small residual magnetism in the field, the armature current surge may occur, and the problems of speed ahead.

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