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fisker reveals the technology behind the orbit

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-16
Electric cars do different things than internal combustion engines.
Models that provide power in many ways, for example, do not require any type of gearbox when the motor drives the axle directly.
Now Fisk is pushing ahead with its latest electric project \"track\", an automatic shuttle with an electric motor.
The track is the result of our cooperation-
Headquartered in Fisk
China\'s Hakim Unique Group is about as far away as we can get from the top --
We \'ve seen a lot of performance electric prototypes recently as asit is a complete passengercarrying-
Dedicated shuttle bus designed for urban environment.
But the idea behind the track is that it will not use the bus stop like the traditional bus service, but will pick up passengers from the desired location along the way.
Passengers will request a ride using the smartphone app, but the shuttle will run on the set route, not like a ride --
Shared services such as Uber and Waymo will pick up and drop off anywhere passengers request.
Electrive pointed out that the Chinese partners behind the business will handle the distribution business in Asian cities.
A British technology company called Protean Electric has developed
Wheel motor used in the so-called protein drive system.
By using the system instead of a more traditional motor setting and combining the autonomous capabilities of the shuttle, this means that passenger space on the track is maximized compared to other vehicles of similar size. The in-
The wheel system uses permanent magnets and synchronous motors, each of the four wheels has 109 horsepower.
In most of its applications, the track may use two
Wheel drive, but four-
Wheel Drive will be available for more professional applications.
So this means that the power train that offers 218 BHP Billiton or 436 BHP Billiton will provide a shuttle bus.
When it comes to the true strength of the motor, that is, the torque, things start to get very interesting.
The output of each motor used is 922. -ft.
So in theory, fourwheel-
The drive version of the track may produce an idea
Amazing 3,688. -ft. of torque. In real-
In world applications, however, the motor may be turned down as the shuttle bus does not require much torque.
The founder of Fisker, Henrik Fisk, said of the new model: \"The track already contains ground-breaking automotive technology, design innovation and exciting engagement that will change the urban population
Travel experience.
The fastest path for fully autonomous vehicles is through a space shuttle like an orbit, and we are excited to be able to lead charging into the future of such a world --
Sustainable technology.
\"The testing of the orbital space shuttle will begin later this year, and the first orbital routes will be confirmed and deployed in 2019.
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