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gm to make electric motors in u.s.

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-14
NEW YORK�(CNNMoney. com)--
GM announced on Tuesday that it intends to become the first major automaker in the United States to design and manufacture electric vehicles.
The motor is used in gasoline.
Electric hybrid vehicles and all-electric vehicles
Power car.
The first batch of General Electric vehicles will be used for the next generation of automakers-wheel-drive full-
Hybrid cars such as the Chevrolet Lake Tahoe Hybrid SUV began in 2013. Those next-
The automaker says the new generation will use two unique motor designs.
To improve fuel economy, these motors will be combined with gasoline engines of internal combustion engines.
\"In the future, the importance of electric vehicles to GM may be the same as the current engine,\" Tom Stephens, GM\'s vice president of global automotive operations, said in a statement.
\"Design and manufacture of electric motors-
With the development of the battery, we can use the energy of the battery more effectively, which may reduce the cost and weight. -
The battery faces two major challenges today.
\"Electric vehicles will be the core expertise of GM\'s future, as is the current internal combustion engine,\" Stephens said.
\"Our goal is just to make GM a leader in automotive motors,\" he said . \"
It will take a long time for the internal combustion engine to be completely replaced by an electric motor, but these two technologies will exist, he said. by-
For some time to come, usually in the same car.
The new motor will be smaller, more powerful and more energy efficient, Stephens said.
Their smaller sizes will enable them to be used in a wider range of vehicles than general purpose hybrid SUVs.
Peter Savagian, GM\'s director of hybrid automotive engineering, said GM will still buy some electric vehicles from outside suppliers.
\"Our purpose is not to make all of our motors, but to make some of them,\" he said . \". Having in-
General Motors\'s expertise in the field of motors will also enable it to deal with suppliers more effectively, Savagian said.
GM was selected by the United States in August. S.
The Department of Energy will receive a grant of $0. 105 billion to build the United StatesS.
Manufacturing capacity to produce motor and related electrical drive parts.
GM said it would invest $0. 246 billion in electrical and power-driven manufacturing facilities in the United States. S.
Speaking at a news conference, Mr. Stephens said the automaker would add \"hundreds\" of jobs to build engines.
GM\'s new motor development has added jobs, he said.
On January, GM announced the start of lithium production.
Produce ion batteries at a factory in Brownstown, Michigan.
Volt electric vehicles will use the batteries of the plant.
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