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Guide principle of sliding table module design _ _ leadscrew rail slider cross linear module specification

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
As the application of linear gear coupling more and more widely, corresponding is linear modules in a variety of harsh environment test. In various environments and Zhenyu linear module got quite a lot of application, and the linear module, we are always will ensure that a very good state of high. For how we do it like this? It is in our sales linear gear coupling, will be asked about what is what the customer is using in environmental conditions.

for such detail is, he can be the first step in finding a suitable linear module, then small make up today and you talk about our sales of linear module is how to solve the customer when the environment of high temperature conditions. Believe that many customers will encounter such a problem, buy the ordinary linear gear coupling can no longer use the high temperature environment, often appear stuck, linear module overheating caused by planetary gear motor burn out.

in fact really is you buy linear module will not be able to use in high temperature environment? This is not the case. Guarantee the linear module can be used under the environment of high temperature, actually depends on the grease. Ordinary sellers may not consider the customer used high temperature environment, and if the customer you if it is a high temperature environment, then what you offered to choose to use grease.

for linear module of ordinary are fluid lubrication grease, due to the floating oil film, produced by the motion precision error is inevitable, in most cases, the fluid lubrication is limited to border areas, directly produced by metal contact and friction is unavoidable, in this kind of friction, a large amount of energy wasted by friction loss.

so we usually use vacuum special lubricants resin, its vapor pressure lower fluoride used oil as base oil for operation processing. Using solid lubricating grease, high vacuum environment and developed in the solid lubrication. Compared with other brands of solid lubrication, has more excellent load resistance, wear resistance, the performance of the linear module tightness, can effectively avoid in high temperature environment when using the oil evaporation, of being able to work under high temperature environment.

need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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