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Guide rail sliding table module cross linear speed linear module mute _ _ manipulator module application

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Used linear module customer know linear module has two different drive types, one is screw type, is a kind of synchronous belt. A lot of people from the price on the screw whether from the aspects of which has to be synchronous belt type is better, because of the screw type linear module is higher than the linear module precision of synchronous belt, load is heavier, the price is expensive why not choose the screw type linear module?

the higher price products actually has always been a myth of domestic consumption, higher price products will be suitable? In fact not, can only say that the material of this product is different, but it would be far worse performance? Not necessarily. A simple example! Just as we buy a screwdriver and phillips screwdriver. Phillips screwdriver the price will be a bit on the high side, but why buy a son with a screwdriver? Is the question about which apply!

the same linear gear coupling also is such, although the synchronous belt type linear module on the precision and the load is not so good screw type linear module. And what we call the screw type than synchronous belt type to expensive, is also in a certain range. When the stroke is greater than a certain trip, more expensive than the screw type synchronous belt type, which is synchronous belt type linear module, the characteristics of a large travel!

effective stroke in addition to synchronous belt type linear gear coupling is much larger than the screw type linear module, an accident, there is also a characteristic is fast. Many people have longer journeys, speed should be slower! Is not the case, because the type synchronous linear module unique structural characteristics, make it under the big trip, also can achieve a very fast speed.

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