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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-28
“ High precision & throughout; This word is the best description of a linear module, for being too general description, for many customers thought all linear modules have a & other; High precision & throughout; The characteristics of, in fact is not the case, & other; High precision & throughout; Is in linear gear coupling according to the features of a kind of structure form is particularly prominent.

product is have a certain features, many of them are actually is the result of product accessories. Parts on the attached to amplify the this characteristic, this is the charm of mechanical products, perhaps in a lot of products we are able to clear at this point. And linear module can have & other; High precision & throughout; Features, are actually derived from the drive mode of screw type!

screw drive mode as its name implies is to use screw type as the drive mode of linear module, and the linear gear coupling is & other; High precision & throughout; The characteristics of linear gear coupling of fittings can be ball screw, here small make up explain to everyone & ball screw and linear module, in addition to other High precision & throughout; And the characteristics.

1. Compared with sliding screw pair drive torque for a third

because of ball screw pair of screw shaft and wire between the mother has a lot of rolling ball doing sports, so can get higher movement efficiency. Compared with the past sliding screw pair drive moment achieved under a third, which meet the same movement result the required power for the use of rolling screw pair of 1/3. In the aspect of energy saving is very helpful.

2. Micro feed may

ball screw pair is due to the use of ball movement, so tiny start torque, there will be no sliding movement that crawl phenomenon, can realize the accurate assurance of micro feed.

3. Lateral clearance, high rigidity to

ball screw pair can be added to the pressure, due to the pressure can make the axial clearance to negative, thus get higher rigidity ( Ball to add to pressure on the ball screw, in the actual used for mechanical electric drill speed reducer and so on, due to the repulsive force of ball can make silk mother rigidity increase) 。

4. High-speed feeding may

ball screw due to the movement of high efficiency, low fever, so it can realize high speed feed ( Movement) 。

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