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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Linear motor compared with other motor structure more simple, linear motor and easy do not represent the weak. Linear motor than mechanical system has many unique advantages, such as high speed, high acceleration, zero maintenance, high precision, small power consumption, etc. Linear motor for linear motion without gear, coupling and pulley, it is very meaningful for many applications, the unnecessary, reduce performance and shorten the service life of mechanical parts removed. Let below small make up for you to simply in this paper, the advantages of simple structure in the presence of linear motor.

linear motor motion can be no mechanical contact, make the transmission parts, no wear and tear, thus greatly reduce the mechanical wear and tear. Linear motor adopts full closed loop control, is refers to the grating ruler, mounted on the motor body moment feedback the position of the active cell, because of the high location precision of the grating ruler, so use linear motor driven load, can improve the control precision. The linear motion of the ordinary rotary motor, its mechanical structure in operation, noise is inevitable; And linear motor is driven by electromagnetic thrust device running, so the whole device is very small without noise or noise, running environment is good.

linear motor as a result of the primary iron core and winding ends are exposed to air, secondary is long and has a great deal of heat, high temperature is easy to send out, so the heat load of the linear planetary gear motor can obtain higher, and does not require additional cooling device.

linear motor in the primary core wire can be sealed with epoxy resin, such as after a whole, so can be applied in some special occasions. Can be used in damp worse water, for example, can be in the corrosive gas or poisonous and harmful gas applications, even used in high temperature or low temperature.

the dynamic response of the linear motor speed is like ordinary servo drive ratio not, use linear motor drive, can greatly improve the machining efficiency of the equipment.

types of gear reducers electric motor suppliers processes have been widely used to produce planetary gear motor such as types of gear reducers, planetary gear motor, and types of gear reducers etc.
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