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Guide rail sliding table module handbook linear module which good _ _ manipulator linear positioning module mute

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-28
As a mechanical product influence its work is not just to buy, we went through all selected products, also is not our carefully chosen manufacturers. Although these two points are very important, but there is a little late about our use of one of the most important thing is to maintain, maintenance believes everyone not unfamiliar for a mechanical products is not strange.

maintenance believe we see is the word car, whether you buy some wheels car, plane, of course, small make up may not know. They all have a common characteristic, is the maintenance period. Maintenance period for people having to go through a period, need how many miles you ran, then change those places, those aspects or maintenance of the car.

the same linear module is not exceptional also, cars have maintenance period because the engine is a mechanical products, mechanical products and linear gear coupling and maintenance aspects of the same can not be ignored, it affects the precision of linear module, voice, and use some of the late about the linear module of a series of important key items. Below small make up key to everyone said the maintenance method of the linear gear coupling!

1. Before delivery, the company linear module in dynamic and static aspects to take strict quality control, ensure that customers use precision and smooth.

2. Customers in linear gear coupling two months later after normal use, for the first time and maintenance, after maintenance once a month, to ensure smooth linear module.

3. Maintenance of used lubricating oil specification:

Ⅰ. Ball screw maintenance for general commercial lubricant oil, viscosity Suggestions for 30 - 40 CST lubricating oil.

Ⅱ. Linear slide rail maintenance for general commercial lubricating oil, oil viscosity Suggestions for 30 - 150 CST lubricating oil.

Ⅲ. Clean series maintain oil for clean special lubricants.

Ⅳ. When monthly maintenance of the detector photoelectric Sensor area if there is a foreign body or dust, if you have, can use dry clean cloth to wipe. Using the environment: 1, spraying equipment; 2, electric welding equipment; 3, woodworking cutting equipment; 4, such as high pollution, high dust environment. )

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