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Guide rail sliding table module load _ screw linear guide rail sliding table custom _ cross module device

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Linear motor as a new product into the market, many people all know, perhaps, for it is not his. Many think the linear motor and linear gear coupling is a product, in fact it is not. Linear motor can say applicable occasions, applicable function also has a lot of different. Although it can do the same action like a straight line module, but its performance is superior to many. Below small make up to you tell me the key of the linear motor selection option, this is a linear motor must understand the choose and buy!

1. Maximum speed, maximum speed in determining the power line voltage, depending on the motor of electric potential line number, reflect the planetary gear motor electromagnetic design of the

2. The peak value of maximum thrust: motor thrust, short, second class, depending on the structure of the motor electromagnetic safety limit capacity

3. Maximum current, maximum working current, and want to corresponding to maximum thrust, below motor demagnetization current

4. Maximum continuous consumption power: determine the conditions of temperature and cooling conditions, the motor can run continuously the upper limit of heat loss, reflect the motor thermal design level

5. Maximum voltage, maximum power line voltage, mainly related to motor insulation ability to

6. Force constant of the motor: the motor thrust current ratio, unit N/A or KN/A, reflect the planetary gear motor electromagnetic design as A result, in A sense can also reflect the electromagnetic design level

7. Constant of the motor: the motor thrust and the ratio of square root, the power consumption of unit N / & radic; W and motor electromagnetic design and integrated embodiment of its thermal design level

8. Back electromotive force: motor back emf ( Coefficient) , unit v/m, reflect the result of the motor electromagnetic design, in determining the impact motor power supply voltage of the highest speed

9. : gravity plate type core structure of the linear motor, permanent magnet motor, in particular, it was the method for primary core to permanent magnet attraction, an order of magnitude higher than the motor rated thrust, directly decided to adopt the linear motion of the linear motor shaft support guide bearing capacity and selection of

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