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Guide rail sliding table module parameter linear module specification _ _ manipulator linear positioning module quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Linear module, there are two different ways of structure, because of the different methods of structure used in the accessories also have the very big difference. Small make up to you last time about the screw type, today we will give you something about the economical belt type structure of the linear module belt type linear gear coupling of main parts are:

linear guide: are used to support and guide the moving parts, according to the given direction do reciprocating linear motion. And can bear certain torque, but in the case of high load to achieve high precision linear motion. Linear guide is mainly used in automated machinery, as Germany imported machine, bending machine, laser welding machine and so on, of course, linear guide and straight axis is for the use of form a complete set.

synchronous belt: is strong rope or glass fiber layer, coated with polyurethane or neoprene ring belt, belt within weeks into dentate, make its meshing with cog belt wheel. In the belt type linear module mainly have the effect of occlusal drive, is driven belt type linear module of key components. The axial force is small, compact structure, oil resistant, good abrasion resistance, anti-aging performance is good.

aluminum profile: linear module type belt the appearance of the main materials, the most widely used type of non-ferrous metal structural materials. In the high speed of belt type linear gear coupling have very good stiffness, high temperature resistance characteristics.

synchronous round, is one of the important in linear module driven into port, the planetary gear motor after electrify rotation, synchronous wheel is directly into a synchronous belt running parts. Synchronous wheel generally by the material of 45 # steel, aluminum alloy, copper, nylon and other materials processing. Transmission accurately, non-slip, while working with a constant velocity ratio.

motor: the planetary gear motor is but a linear gear coupling structure mode must match a component, is used to drive the normal work of the linear module.

photoelectric switch: is short for photoelectric proximity switch, it is to use the detected objects to block or reflection of the light beam, the processing circuit of synchronous circuit, to detect objects in the presence of. Photoelectric switch is one of the types of sensors, it between the transmitter and the receiver of the intensity of light into current changes in order to achieve the purpose of detection.

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