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Guide rail sliding table module precision linear module speed _ _ manipulator cross linear module manufacturers

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Linear module in use process how to avoid linear guide rust? Linear gear coupling accessories believe everyone know, the common parts shall be linear guide as a common component in the linear gear coupling, what you know about it? If you just put the linear module of linear guide components, as one used to support or guide the movement of a device?

in fact for linear module, linear guide its meaning is very large, linear guide in linear module is not only play the role of a support guide, it is the serious influence to the use of precision linear module, and a point is the voice of affect the linear module. Who also don't want to buy a sound very large linear module, linear guide for linear module of the voice.

linear guide for linear module influence so big? How buy after linear module in use process to avoid linear guide rust, many enterprises need to focus on using linear module a question!

the linear module after buying access to production, internal and external all painted in linear module last rust-proof oil in the linear module used in the production line.

in linear gear coupling used after purchase before or after stop using, must be put in the normal temperature warehouse, because a lot of enterprises in the storage space or are wet, so we must take note. Is even before use or after stop using, don't put linear module on the ground, although this is only a small detail, but a lot of these details will seriously affect the question, so be sure to keep in mind! ! !

the above linear module is to buy after how to avoid in the process of using linear guide rusty method.

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