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Guide rail sliding table module specification _ _ leadscrew rail slider parameters cross linear module factory

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-28
Garment cutting and defective rate has always been clothing enterprise important consideration, garment cutting scrap rate very test a manual for the product precision grasp. May be affected by any carelessness will turn good fabric into a piece of waste. In large-scale clothing enterprises, are put to the requirement of quality control is very strict. Most of the time they may not be the pursuit of speed, but also to ensure the quality, all use artificial for cutting.

but we know that if you use the manual to do these work, it's hard to do mass production. And although the ordinary laser cutting bed in speed is rarely solved the sartorial production speed, but the process of thing is very high, and can't really go to guarantee. Many times need artificial to carefully check, will be able to find.

cutting process is a very fine work, the test precision and smooth degree is cutting the use of the product. After the linear module to join, just help enterprises solve this problem, because the application of high precision and smoothness of linear module features at the right moment can be applied to garment cutting this is fine, many enterprises are chose to buy linear module garment cutting electric drill speed reducer.

linear gear coupling garment cutting electric drill speed reducer can prevent artificial cuttings fuck spite may form cuttings mo loss, pollution, and the marginal foibles of good and bad are intermingled. About the company's conduction layer, linear module data material garment cutting electric drill speed reducer can be used to assist all section of the manipulation of the company.

and linear gear coupling of these two features can be said to be to help these enterprises solve a big problem, but also proves that the linear gear coupling now plays an indispensable role in the enterprise application.

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