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Guide rail sliding table module stroke _ _ leadscrew rail slider brand cross linear module is used

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Linear module in all walks of life are widely used, because its application properties of linear module, can very good solve the problem of some enterprises encounter some very large. The characteristics of linear module, believe in before also told you a lot, a product will eventually solve the problem of what, to the enterprise is decided by its features.

everybody understand the characteristics of linear module may be all cognitive a feature: the characteristics of high precision. Today mainly and everyone is another feature of linear gear coupling: smooth degree. Because the linear module, this feature is to solve the spraying industry facing a very serious problem. What are the main spraying industry? Is the object in all aspects of the spray processing.

in the whole process of the spraying, the most important thing is what? Whether it is in the effect of spraying, achieve smooth evenly. Standard although simple, but in the process of artificial spraying is always difficult to solve a problem. Even if to do smooth uniform, the manual is also to be very skilled, and use which large spraying robot general enterprises think the cost is too high.

until the linear module is applied in the spray coating profession good solve the problem, the application of a certain extent, it raised the work efficiency, reduce the burden of the factory workers, improved the working environment of people, which saves the human cost, deeply user welcome, compared with the traditional way of painting, linear module for spraying has a great advantage.

linear gear coupling spray device at the time of spraying operations, the main planetary gear motor drive is to walk, so will not appear uneven velocity of circumstance, if appear, so can only explain the machine malfunction. So just for paint is stable, then the effect of spraying out than manual spraying is more uniform. Also has certain harm to human body and paint, using linear module after spraying device can well solve the problem of the series! The emergence of linear module is to help enterprise solves the problem of a very big!

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