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Guide rail sliding table module using linear module principle _ _ manipulator cross linear module parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-29
Said raw materials has been faced in the process of enterprise production is a more serious problem, most of the time we left a lot of processing waste, are very useful, if direct away very waste. Not only affect the environmental pollution, as well as for its own interests loss has been a very big of a problem.

for processing raw material has been in the glue on the one hand, the solution of the application of products, but have been unable to achieve uniform adhesive and achieve a smooth enough. While dispensing machine can solve this problem, but once on the refinement and a lot of problems, enterprises have to face is has been dispensing effect, have artificial liquidity for the post, then there is the higher cost of the artificial.

because the artificial cost efficiency, and product final implementation effect, in order to solve these problems. Linear gear coupling joining point in the rubber industry, smooth linear gear coupling and the characteristics of high precision, can satisfy the shortage caused by the glue.

linear module dispensing equipment to handle the rising raw material, product prices are down, and dwindling profits space problem, strive for more benefit for manufacturer. Linear gear coupling can solve a great consumption of glue dispensing equipment, environmental pollution, waste of serious, uneven proportion, glue not stem or dry effect is bad quality problem, make full use of the glue. Linear module and combined with glue after got the very extensive application, processing of raw materials for the enterprise to solve a very serious problem.

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