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harley-davidson embraces a new sound as it enters the electric era

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-10
David sons is known for its iconic deep rumble.
But Milwaukee.
The latest model based on motorcycle manufacturers is characterized by high electric motors
The sound of Wiggle.
Will Harley fans go together?
After five years of adjustment and preparation, HarleyDragon of Davidson
The long-awaited electric motorcycle will start rolling out to dealers this summer.
The company says electric bikes are the future.
Some start-ups are already marketing electric motorcycles and Harley doesn\'t want to be kept in the dark.
It wants to attract new customers and focus on the growth of the city center --
Eventually, in overseas markets including Asia, electric scooters and motorcycles are popular.
LiveWire is an electric bike launched in August and is moving fast.
Street bike built for urban environmenthaul cruising.
It can charge about 110 miles and has instant acceleration, a boon for the first time
Time Riders without equipment
Worried about the transfer.
But this is a distinct difference from the company\'s traditional lineup, which is also priced at $30,000.
Mark mcalist, vice president, product planning and product portfolio, Harley
Davidson said the response to LiveWire was \"very positive \".
\"There is nothing uncoordinated about electric Harley --
Davidson, he said.
\"After 115, we have to reinvent ourselves many times, and this is just the next step in continuing this legacy,\" he said . \".
But while there is a lot of buzz around the bike, some riders are skeptical about it, says Kelly O\'Brien, marketing manager for two Harley motorcycles
Davidson\'s dealers, including those in Washington, DC. C.
\"You have a Harley driver population of 30 years,\" she said . \".
\"They don\'t like it.
They don\'t like the sound.
This is a different sound.
\"But it has a unique voice,\" she said . \"
\"It\'s still Harley-Davidson . . . Be open-Care about it.
Harley has been facing challenges for several years.
Baby boomers are aging in the motorcycle market, and millennials have not replaced them.
Jaime Katz, an analyst at Morningstar, said the company shipped about 271,000 motorcycles worldwide in 2014.
At 2019, it is expected to ship 222,000-
\"In the past five years, the decline has been very large,\" she said . \".
To attract younger buyers, Harley offers smaller, cheaper bikes --
But Catz says there is less profit for each method.
At the same time, the trade war has put new pressure on the company.
LiveWire is unlikely to change the company\'s rules of the game, Katz said.
Not very soon, at least.
It\'s too expensive.
\"The overall target market for $30,000 bikes is not important, whether it\'s electric or traditional bikes,\" she said . \".
LiveWire is one of Harley\'s most expensive products.
Only the most expensive tricyclethree-
Wheeled Motorcycle
Custom Tour bikes are more expensive.
At the same time, many entries
Bicycles cost less than $10,000.
Electric model starting from zero
Probably the best.
Electric motorcycle manufacturers known to date
Prices range from $8,500 to $16,000, while other electric motorcycles range from-
Ups even promised a cheaper price.
Harley lovers in Washington DCC.
The motorcycle show shows the challenges the company faces when selling LiveWire.
Mike Anderson from Va Alexander
Wearing a vest with a group patch of Harley owners.
He bought the most expensive bicycle in Harley.
But LiveWire?
\"It will be a great bike,\" he said . \"
\"But for me, you know, I\'m old --school. . . .
You buy Harley because you like its sound, look and feel, and LiveWire is of course 180 degrees the opposite.
\"And David Luzo from Pasadena, Maryland.
He thinks that the electric environment of Harley is very good and he wants to see and hear the live wires in person. But . . .
\"I\'m not sure if it will be popular,\" he said . \".
\"I think it will attract young people --
What do they call their millennials or something?
I think it will attract this group except 59 years old. year-
Old fart like me
\"What about the Millennials?
Andrew Delgado of Woodbridge Va
28 years old, no motorcycle yet.
He said electric motorcycles sound cool.
But price tag
\"It\'s not cool,\" he said . \"
\"I really like the idea,\" he said . \"
\"Just the price is not high.
\"He browsed the motorcycle with his little daughter and dreamed of buying a car one day --
This is the third price for LiveWire.
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