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Have three shortcomings of brush motor brushless motor three advantages

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-28
Have brush motor faults

1. Friction, and wide consumption

have a motor in use after a period of time, the need to open the motor to clean up the carbon brush, time-consuming, laborious maintenance strength as a household cleaning.

2. Large heating, short life

because a brush motor structure, brush and commutator of the contact resistance is very big, overall resistance caused by motor is bigger, easy to heat, and permanent magnet is a thermal sensor, if temperature is too high, will be demagnetization magnetic steel, the motor performance degradation, affect the service life of a brush motor.

3. Low efficiency, small output power

with brush motor heating problems, largely because the current work on the internal resistance of the motor, so electricity have largely converted into heat energy, so there are planetary gear motor output power is not big, the efficiency is not high also.

the advantages of brushless motor

1. No brush, low interference

in addition to the brushless motor brush, the most immediate change is without the planetary gear motor running when the electric spark, thus greatly reduce the electric spark interference of remote radio equipment.

2. Low noise, smooth operation

brushless motor without brush, less friction force during operation, smooth running, low noise will many of the advantages of model running stability is a huge support.

3. Long life, low maintenance cost

little brush, brushless motor wear is mainly on the bearing, from the mechanical point of view, brushless motor is almost a maintenance-free motor, when necessary, the only need to do some cleaning maintenance.

there are motor compared with brushless motor knew the brushless motor relative to have advantage in where the brush motor, but everything is not absolute, a brush motor torque at low speed performance, large torque and other performance characteristics of brushless motor is irreplaceable, but in the context of use and ease of brushless motor, with the decline in the cost of brushless controller and brushless technology development and market competition both at home and abroad, the development and popularity of power system is high speed brushless stage, it also greatly promote the development of the model of motion.
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