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home-grown hybrid: a system that promises to reduce emissions

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-22
The most alternative source of fuel today is electric, although many new brands have entered electric 2.
No one in India can make an impact.
The main obstacles included a lack of infrastructure, limited scope of fees and high time to charge.
Looking for a solution this solution comes from Blaer Motors, who claim their hybrid system-
Second power assistance (SPA)—
Is the direction of progress. It’s a plug-
In hybrid technology, hybrid technology similar to Toyota Prius is different from simple light hybrid/ISG (
Integrated Starter generator)
This is the concept of the TV Zeppelin cruiser displayed at the 2018 Auto Expo.
According to Blaer, their SPA system improves the performance of traditional engines while continuously increasing mileage and reducing emissions.
Headquartered in Chennai, the company was established in 2014 by Adarsh Lakshmanan, Abinesh Ekambaram, Ashwin Badri and Niranjan Kumar.
The spa system is their last one.
Year project.
Over the past four years, they have developed and improved their systems through various tests, and their projects have won awards from many well-known institutions.
They also applied for three patents, one of which was approved.
Blaier also received 25 pounds of lakh as a seed fund from the start-up development and incubation center (CEDI)
Through the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli.
Three main components of the internal combustion engine (
Modified transmission)
Motor and BICS controller (
Blaker intelligent control system)are the three.
When the power system is started, the BICS controller activates the motor and operates in one electric mode.
Second gear (and above)
Activate the hybrid mode with patented drive system technology, and the engine works with the motor.
One of the main benefits of the SPA system is that the vehicle can operate in isolation from the motor and ice, or both can work simultaneously in mixed mode.
The SPA system has the potential to increase performance and fuel efficiency by 40% and emissions by 30% compared to conventional gasoline engines, Blaer claims.
These are big statements, and it would be interesting to see how the hybrid technology of this system performs in reality.
World test conditions
Blaier first showed their hybrid system on TV Jive, however, the prototype of our ride was based on Yamaha fz16.
It looks almost like a donated bike because its body panel has been redesigned and is a single bikeseater.
The tank panel is now wider in order to accommodate the battery of the motor, and the actual tank is now smaller, 5 liters.
It is also different for the engine housing to integrate the motor and engine into one unit, and swingarm has been extended to the Blaer SPA system.
The peak power output of the motor at 2 KW rpm is 10,000 and the battery capacity is 72 V.
The combined power output is 19, according to Blaer.
3hp at 7,500 rpm and 22 Nm torque at 6,500 rpm.
In contrast, the standard motor provides 13.
7,500 rpm and 8 hp under 13.
6Nm torque at 6000 rpm.
The Blayer prototype has a gearbox that starts like a lgeared motorcycle: engages the first gear, loosen the clutch while applying the throttle, and the motorcycle accumulates power.
But it feels strange to ride an electric car with a clutch.
The second step before the hybrid process engages is to turn to the second gear and then hold the clutch for a second or two before releasing the clutch.
Suddenly, the internal combustion motor, like vibration, began to have vitality.
From two to five, the motorcycle runs in mixed mode.
It only goes back to the electric mode when you turn to the first gear.
The system may sound a bit complicated, but you quickly get the hang of it.
Once the first gear is over, the motorcycle stays 80-85 kph easy.
Only when you scroll
You realize that you are riding a hybrid because the decline in momentum is not immediate, just like an ice device.
The engine has a slight braking effect.
If you run out of power while riding in hybrid mode, don\'t worry because BICS will automatically switch to ICE and you can continue riding.
Also, if you are really stuck, you can continue riding after refueling
What you can\'t do on an electric car
Overall, the hybrid system feels natural and easy to adapt, but the transition from electric to hybrid needs to be improved to make it smoother and faster.
The Blayer SPA system offers three different power modes.
The motor on the motorcycle we tested claimed a range of 40 km and a maximum speed of 50 kph (
Although it does feel nervous after 30kph)
The charging time is three hours.
The battery is also removable, which means you can charge at home or at your desk without having to rely on a fixed charging station.
In a hybrid mode, the motorcycle we tested claims to have a range of nearly 250 km kilometers full of electricity.
The Blaer SPA hybrid system has increased by about £ 9 kg on a bike and costs up to £ 40 000.
However, if the OEM adopts the SPA system, it may reduce the cost system to £ 10 k, Blaer said.
In this case, the internal combustion engine is still the highest cost. effective.
In the end, however, we will have to turn to electric vehicles.
The Blayer system can serve as a bridge to this transition.
It offers benefits related to ICE units while providing consumers with an overall experience of power-driven.
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