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Honda CR-Z sprints to showrooms

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-15
Honda\'s all-new CR-
Z hybrid sports cars will be available in August.
24 starting at $19,200 (
$750 plus shipping)
For six-
Automakers announced last week that the speed manual transmission and the $19,850 continuous variable automatic transmission. This new two-
Seater\'s size is similar to the original Honda Insight, the first hybrid to be listed in the US in early 2000S. market.
But the car is more of a dynamic car than a simple super
Mill likes the first insight. The CR-
Z with CVT is more convenient than manual model-
The automatic highway is 35 miles/39 kilometers, and the manual highway is 31/37 kilometers.
However, neither of them compared to the mileage of the original Insight, which was rated as the 49 city/61 Highway.
For more standard equipment, buyers can upgrade to the EX model with a manual gearbox starting at $20,760 and a CVT starting at $21,410.
EX also offers navigation at $22,560 for manual and $23,210 for automatic.
Like Honda, factory options are not available
Each decoration level has its own list of standard devices without additional devices (
Although some accessories may be available at dealer level).
Originally presented as a concept at the 2007 Tokyo and 2008 Detroit motor show, CR-
Z is considered a new favorite of sports style (Civic)
Honda fans love the CRX model 1980 s.
It\'s actually two-
Five-seat edition-
Second passenger.
Last year as the first generation of Insight 2010 models debut. The CR-
The price of Z is a little lower than that of Insight, which starts at $19,800 (
$750 plus shipping).
But this price includes CVT;
There is no manual gearbox on Insight. The CR-
The goal of Z is this sport.
Not the green performers.
The 2000 Summer-listed Toyota Prius auto consumer received initial insights and Toyota Prius.
Toyota\'s breakthrough Prius, now the third generation, is the current fuel-economy leader.
Its EPA rating is 51 city/48 highway.
Even the mileage of 2010 Insight is higher than that of CR-Z —
Rated 40 city/43 highway.
The Civic Hybrid is more than CR-
On 40 cities/45 highways.
Honda also plans to launch a hybrid version of the Fit mini-car later this year, which will attract the supermiler crowd.
The EPA numbers for Fit should be closer to the Prius numbers. The CR-
Z is equipped with a slightly more powerful gasoline engine than the new Insight, so it will be faster and more fun to drive.
But it still won\'t be close to the performance of the original CRX and its Si variants.
With these early CRX models, enthusiasts were able to adjust their performance to make it more fun for them to drive, however, this may not be desirable for CR-\'s computer hybrid drive system, even impossible. Z. Under the CR-The hood of Z is 1. 5-liter, four-
Honda called the cylinder gasoline engine integrated with the motor auxiliary system combined with the motor.
This is the same as the basic design of other Honda hybrids and relies more on gasoline engines than electric motors. The CR-
Z\'s drive system is the sixth unique version of the Integrated Motor Assist system, originally launched on 2000 Insight.
The gasoline engine with \"smart\" variable valve timing has done most of the work, both on start-up and 10-
KW motor.
The electric motor consists of a 100-volt nickel-metal-
The hydrogen battery pack, when the vehicle slows down, is turned and charged by a gasoline engine or wheel, during which the motor actually changes the role and becomes a generator.
This is the so-called \"regenerative braking \".
A total of 122 hp, 128 feet HP
The combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor can get a pound torque.
When the vehicle stops, the controller of the system automatically turns off the gasoline engine.
In this way, the engine will not idle and waste fuel.
Standard six-
The speed manual gearbox is a concession to the performing crowd.
On the CVT model, a three
The mode drive system allows the driver to choose a motion, normal or economical driving mode using the three backlight buttons on the left side of the steering wheel. The CR-
The look of Z has some insightful styling, but more of it is motion, low
Tail and tail.
While Honda calls it a coupe, it\'s actually a hatchback, and there\'s a big cargo area that extends to three similar-sized Insight
Passenger back seat.
Inside, there is an advanced fabric sports bucket seat, in the area where the rear seat of Insight is installed, and behind the seat there is a console with a deep storage box.
The back is a flat cargo layer, which extends to the rear of the front seat when the cargo box is closed.
Honda says the blue theme of the instrument panel is to make it look multi-layered.
CR-based standards
Z is automatic climate control with USB connection, power window/rearview mirror/door lock, AM/FM/CD audio system, electronic stability control, remote control keyless access and cruise control.
With the introduction of EX models, such as high-intensity-
Headlight discharge, fog lamp, 360-
Watt audio system, telephone connection and leather-
Wrap the steering wheel. eel.
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