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How about double guide rail line module _ _ fully sealed linear module price precision linear slide units accuracy

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-29
As the application of electric sliding table more and more widely, we often say to the electric sliding table is an advantage of high precision, can you don't really know is precision electric sliding table has two characteristics, one is the positioning accuracy and repeat precision. And we said that the high precision of exactly what is mean?

to this question we must first understand the difference between the positioning accuracy and repeat precision and concepts, positioning accuracy refers to the precision of the electric sliding table every time work, and repeat positioning accuracy refers to the deviation between each work accuracy and precision, so here we actually not difficult to understand high precision means the positioning precision of the electric sliding table.

electric sliding table walking distance and the actual distance differ about

electric sliding table used for a long time a lot of clients say gear coupling precision will decline, washed-up or see precision in drive screw, or directly replace the whole electric sliding table. Actually in the process of using electric sliding table tend to ignore to the straight line guide rail, high precision electric sliding table don't depend entirely on the screw itself, also has a stable positioning precision of the linear guide.

the general slide show stable positioning accuracy is not enough, actually walking slider and actual intervals. Understanding of sliding table friends all know that is part of it, when the electric sliding table used for a long time interval between the error and precision will decline, not so accurate. Below small make up on and we talk about the electric slide the slider to walk with the actual interval between different faults cleaning methods!

but both interval error, the differences between faults exclusion method is very simple also. First of all we need to check the lead input value has changed, is it because it is not correct to use for a long time in numerical value. Last let's walk is to check the input value is presented error, walking numerical presented obvious error that will affect the precision in the process of using electric sliding table. Is above electric slider sliding block walk intervals and the actual interval disambiguation problem out of dispute solution, hope I can help you solve the problem of precision electric sliding table drop!

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