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How about face mask machine stepper motor _ shenzhen micro step motor price

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
Stepper motor speed measuring method: stepping motor is a pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement.

it is a characteristic of overload. Its speed is not affected by the size of the load, unlike ordinary planetary gear motor, when the load increase would be a drop in speed, stepping planetary gear motor when using all has the strict request to the speed and position.

2 it is easy to control. Stepper motor is & other; Step & throughout; The obvious features of rotating for the unit, digital.

3 it is the whole machine structure is simple. The traditional mechanical speed and position control structure is more complex, adjustment difficulties, using stepper motor, makes the whole machine structure is simple and compact. Speed motor speed is converted into voltage, and passed to the input as a feedback signal. Speed motor is a kind of auxiliary type, installed at the end of the common dc planetary gear motor speed motor, by speed motor feedback voltage to the dc power supply, to achieve the purpose of the dc motor speed control.

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