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How about guide rail sliding table module _ _ leadscrew rail slider price cross precision linear module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Linear module in common use of the process we all know that he has the characteristics of high precision, but not all linear module is have such characteristics. And we when choosing linear module is must pay attention to, a lot of the time you think this linear module having the features of high precision, it may have the characteristics of high speed. All but before we choose linear gear coupling, still need to have a certain knowledge of linear gear coupling!

and why linear module will have a variety of features? And each feature can be used in different industries, it is depends on the internal structure of the linear module. If you are a friend of linear module should be know, linear module has two different internal structure. Because the internal structure, and different price differences under certain rules.

so there are two kinds of linear module structure way? Is the screw type structure and belt type structure. These two kinds of structure with two different working modes, also have the different features. Give everyone focuses on the structure of the two different ways of linear module difference characteristics.

screw type structure of the linear module features a high repeatability, can reach & plusmn; 0. 005 mm high precision and high load. Usually used in the industrial production has a certain accuracy of the production process. Screw type structure in the selection process should pay attention to the selection of screw, this is usually based on factors such as load, rotational speed and torque. Screw type structure linear module when using linear module should pay attention to the maintenance of the screw.

belt type structure of the linear module is the feature of running speed, usually with the fastest speed can reach 2 m/s, maximum effective stroke can reach 3 m, and screw type structure is not greater than 1. 5 m range. So in terms of speed and effective stroke belt type structure of the linear gear coupling has the absolute advantage.

are important in ensuring types of gear reducers, and the machine is utilised by everyone from planetary gear motor to types of gear reducers.
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