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How about stepping drive _60 stepper motor price

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-25
How stepper motor encoder? Stepper planetary gear motor and coding is a little small, is a waste of resources; Because the stepper motor can not real-time response, have a acceleration deceleration process;

example: with harmonic reducer Oriental stepper planetary gear motor, reduction ratio 00: interval Angle: 0. 0072° Step, want to add an encoder to prevent lost, and so on, the following is a method:

a: in principle, also can pack in one end of the screw motor, on the other side the encoder. But it will be affected by the precision of speed reducer, the misjudgement of losing step possible. Plus encoder is double the shaft of the planetary gear motor, motor backend and encoder, servo motor is to do so, unless you are a special use or constraints ( No double the shaft) 。 Is generally processing 2500 line, line number is too high and waste.

and the resolution of the encoder of the resolution of the stepper motor with you about the same. If drive segmentation is very high, and just want to test whether to throw a step, the resolution of the encoder as long as consistent with the resolution of the subdivision before or slightly higher.

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