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How Does Hyundai Think About CSR, Sustainability And Clean Energy?

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-28
In an interview with John claftz, president and chief executive of Hyundai Motor America, we discussed corporate social responsibility, clean energy, what role he hopes Hyundai will play on these issues in the coming decades.
John clafchick is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the company\'s business in the United States.
Joined Hyundai in 2004 as vice president of product development and strategic planning for Ford Motor and GM/Toyota joint ventureventure, NUMMI.
Under his guidance, Hyundai reshaped its American strategy and product lineup with the advantages of design, innovation and value.
Tell me a little bit about modern corporate social responsibility and how you see creating common value.
Is this a concept that evolves over time?
In modern times, we have an internal saying: \"We set goals that we don\'t know how to strike.
\"This spirit drives the spirit of innovation in our culture, which in turn drives our business.
We have adopted the same approach in corporate social responsibility, and we have set extended goals.
Our CSR concept in modern times is not driven by specific metrics or company authorization.
Instead, we find that our CSR program connects all of us-from our dealers to our employees to our customers-to make our business stronger.
We have a more intuitive understanding of the importance of establishing deep connections with the community, not only by providing excellent products, but also by giving back our time, talents and resources to solve major social problems.
We can do some good things together.
We are proud to work with communities across the country in many ways.
Over the years, we have driven changes in CSR efforts.
It is fair to say that ten years ago, the entire company did not have a fully committed commitment to support the value of CSR.
Good people question the return on investment.
But as we step up our efforts to fight childhood cancer through Hope On Wheels, we see a beneficial change in CSR\'s perception here.
The momentum we have generated in our fight against this terrible disease has brought this team together like a large group of brothers.
As we make progress in funding more and more talented child cancer researchers in the United StatesS.
We have higher expectations for our leadership here.
Our goal is that no child should hear the phrase \"you have cancer\", which is our shared commitment in modern companies.
This is a commitment that provides key social needs and a commitment to help us in all aspects of our business through the unified power it provides in modern times.
Back in 1998, what is the spark of modern Hope On Wheels, and what impact have you had since?
The Hope On Wheels began in 1998 when a group of modern dealers and company employees in the Boston area decided to raise money for the Dana Faber Cancer Institute Jimmy Fund project.
Good behavior grows into a non-profit 501(c)
The National Organization for the study of child oncology member organizations is now funded.
The hope on the wheel is a partnership between Hyundai and dealers.
Each dealer uses them to sell donations to every car on the wheel of modern hope.
Hyundai Motor American company provides supporting funds.
Since the start of the project, we have together raised $72 million for childhood cancer research.
The mission of hope on the wheel is to raise awareness of the disease and, most importantly, to fund research to find a cure.
In the past 15 years, we have made great progress in both areas, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
The stories of children suffering from cancer, the struggles of their families and the dedication of the medical team and researchers provide all the inspiration for the modern team to move forward in this pursuit.
Unlike hopes on the wheel of non-profit organizations, some other societies-
Is there a conscious effort in modern times?
\"Hope on Wheels\" is our main charity event, but we are firmly committed to giving back to communities across the country in a range of other areas, including :-
Institute of mind grants 16 K-math labs
6 Schools Nationwide
Orange County Children\'s Hospital donated to create a modern Cancer Institute-
Leading-level donors who set up the Martin Luther King memorial at the Washington, DC Mall-
Children\'s annual coat drive for poor families-
The American Red Cross donated money to Hurricane Sandy and Thunder City Tornado rescue
International Poverty Day annual employee food and blood drive program
National Congress Spain core team intern diary program
Mother opposes drunk driving like MADD.
Museum of Latin American art mobile art project-
Los Angeles Museum of Art Exhibition-
Fountain Valley City (
The location of our US headquarters)community-
When we talk about clean energy, electric cars and everything in between, where do you think it\'s going from now on for 10, 20, 30 years?
Modern is committed to having a fuel
An efficient fleet that meets the needs of consumers.
Modern popular products, such as the Sonata Hybrid, offer none
Provide compromise solutions to customer needs.
In addition to the hybrid and the continuous progress we have made in the internal combustion engine, we are very excited about the potential of hydrogen.
Electric cars. Unlike battery-
An electric car that is physically driven with an inconvenient charging cycle, hydrogen offers a range similar to what drivers are used to today and the possibility of refueling options.
California is doing a great job building a hydrogen infrastructure with 100 gas stations to be built soon
Lines for the next few years.
We are the first car manufacturer in the world to have mass production.
Hydrogen production-
Electric vehicles, with the United StatesS.
From the beginning of next year, our sales of Tucson H2EV.
One thing is for sure-none of them are the best --
The answer to sustainable individual mobility.
We will continue our research work on hydrogen, batteries, gasoline, diesel and other fuels and technologies to ensure that we develop the best solution for tomorrow\'s drivers.
What role do you think Hyundai will play in the future you just described?
We are committed to being a leader in CSR and a leader in the environment.
As a car manufacturer, Hyundai has a strong position in carbon dioxide emissions
In all of the global markets we compete for, reduce and personal security systems.
However, we think we are more than just a car manufacturer.
We are committed to finding sustainable personal mobility solutions to ensure that this great privilege is maintained for future generations.
We are committed to charity and corporate social responsibility.
We will play a partnership role with leading national organizations to help solve some of the most difficult problems in society, and we will try to end childhood cancer through Hope on Wheels as our focus.
We will use our resources and voices to focus on other key CSR priorities such as the STEM Education program.
We will continue to engage all of our staff, dealers and business partners in local activities to enrich our community.
Our customers, employees and supporters expect Hyundai to be a socially responsible company.
We pay great attention to managing this trust.
The vision of social responsibility in modern enterprises: \"We do good together\" is five words of humility.
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