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How long straight line module cross slide module prices _ _ precision linear guide rail module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
【 Rectangular coordinate robot 】 Belt straight line gear coupling is a kind of automation equipment commonly used electric cylinder device, planetary gear motor supply power through a belt drive the slide, so as to reach the precision rotary motion into linear motion, so choose a good precision directly affects the whole line of belt module precision and become old, yea, so you want to get better linear motion function, can choose a better belt is very important, just by jia wing below small make up to you to introduce professional belt linear gear coupling should be how to choose the belt.

choose the technique of linear module belt

1, the first thing to choose a good quality leather belt, the appearance of good quality belt surface have no obvious cracks, porosity is very few, and the color pure and bright, and the poor quality of belt surface coarse, both the color and luster is not very good.

2, belt use role, maybe there are some excellent manufacturer to produce defective synchronous belt survived the above test, but must be hiding but practical application effect. The use of high-quality belt life spans in 3 - More than five years, and in the process of using almost do not need any repairs, but defective belt product yield to the test of time, in the use of a few years later can appear defective belt product by wear, cracking, color degradation, etc.

3, in general, the selection of belt belt gear coupling are built-in steel wire of the synchronous belt, under equal conditions, choose a wide belt can supply tension is bigger, more is not easy to deformation.

do every thing has skills, master the skills talents work more efficient, small make up today's Shared here, hope to be of assistance.

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