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How to identify linear module and linear motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-28
planetary gear motor is also called the linear gear coupling, linear slide unit, electric sliding table, the use of synchronous belt or ball screw drive the slider move automated transmission components, generally by the synchronous belt/ball screw, ball screw, linear guide, aluminum alloy profile brackets, coupling, motor, such as photoelectric switch components are assembled. Linear motor is also called the linear motor, linear motor, is a kind of mechanical energy convert electrical energy directly into linear motion, without any intermediate conversion mechanism of transmission. There are differences between linear module and linear motor, and a contact. They all belong to automatic transmission components, can realize linear motion, is to add various parts and components on the aluminum and plate, appearance looks similar.

and linear motor five-point difference:

1, the difference between noise

linear motor than the , low noise, because of the constraints of linear motor no centrifugal force, motion with no mechanical contact, no friction and noise. Transmission parts did not wear that can greatly reduce the mechanical consumption and avoid the tow rope, wire rope, gear and belt pulley, caused by noise, so as to improve the overall efficiency.

2, linear motion principle of the difference between the

although the appearance is similar, but the principle of linear motion is not the same, linear motor is directly into mechanical energy to electrical energy, don't need to achieve linear motion, intermediaries and linear module is required with the help of a ball screw or synchronous belt will curve movement into linear motion.

3, the speed difference between

linear motor has a considerable advantage in speed. The linear motor speed of 300 m/min; Acceleration for 10 g. The speed of the ball screw is 120 m/min. The acceleration is zero. From the velocity and acceleration of contrast linear planetary gear motor has a considerable advantage, and linear motor speed after successfully solve the problem of heat will also further improve, and & other; Rotating servo motor + ball screw & throughout; In speed is limited by the more difficult to improve. As for the dynamic response of linear motor for moving inertia and clearance and complexity of mechanism and holds an absolute advantage. In terms of speed control, linear motor response is faster, more wide range of speed regulation, and 1:10 000, can start instantly at the highest speed, and can quickly stop in running at a high speed.

4, the precision of the difference between the

than linear module of high precision linear motor, linear motor structure is simple, do not need to pass intermediate conversion mechanism and directly produce linear motion, motion inertia decreases, the dynamic response performance and positioning accuracy is greatly increased, linear planetary gear motor can achieve accuracy, and precision linear module is in commonly 0. 05.

5, price difference is

the performance of the linear motor in various aspects have to be higher than the , therefore, is the price, the linear electric opportunity is more expensive, often several times.

that is the primary difference between linear module and linear motor, of course, in addition to these differences, the drive is equipped with is not the same, linear module USES the servo motor or stepper motor control, and electric drill speed reducer driven by linear motor is in itself. So how to choose both?
according to the different features of linear electric and linear gear coupling, you can refer to the following options:

1. General force is not big, a long journey, accuracy and higher customer, can choose to use linear planetary gear motor;

2. If the stress is bigger, short trip, customer for accuracy is relatively high, can choose a screw ;

3. If stress in general, a longer stroke, customers of accuracy is not high, can choose a synchronous belt line module.
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