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hydraulic winch transmission technology in the lifting

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-24
Electric hoist winches used in the current domestic market, in some dangerous situations and harsh environments, it is easy to generate spark defects with hydraulic drive winches.
Due to the reduction of the electric spark generated by the components, the hydraulic drive of the winch with strong safety, good reliability and smooth operation was used, and Anzhuang used the main functions such as gas, underground dust explosion in Weixian coal mine, coal and transportation materials, machinery and equipment as lifting personnel.
At present, JK, JT, JS and other types of hoists are widely used in coal mines in China.
It is proved that the performance is poor, the energy consumption is high, the operation is complex, the refrigeration is difficult, the performance is poor, and the auxiliary equipment speed is too high.
The application of hydraulic drive winch on the crane has high requirements for its lifting occasions.
Hydraulic winch than motor in heavy lifting and harsh environment-
Advantage-driven winches.
The characteristic and application range of the transmission electric hoist is due to the traditional motor-
Drive the device, so after the gas explosion, the electric hoist will not function for gas such as acetylene gas, water and gas, and hydrogen in the mine, even if there is an explosion-
Explosion-proof device, when the electric hoist is used for lifting operations, the scene will be explosion-proof-
Explosion-proof junction box, causing a strong explosion, causing major accidents.
Due to the insufficient structure of electric hoist, it is necessary to design a new type of hydraulic hoist.
For the hoist with the speed change controlled by the electric hydraulic pressure, the first-class speed is improved, which can effectively make up for the defects existing in the use of the electric hoist.
Due to the drive of the pressure oil hydraulic hoist, the electronic control system is simple and easy to solve the explosion problem, especially in
Coal mine environment, explosion-
It proves that the performance is very reliable and the requirements for lifting occasions are very high.
Through multiple standard components and compact design, the speed is stable and the operation is convenient. it has been applied in industrial production.
The hydraulic winch has strong safety and reliability due to its hydraulic overload protection.
Therefore, in the harsh environment of the explosion, it has more advantages than the traditional electric drive winch.
The design method of hydraulic hoist can be divided into full hydraulic transmission and hydraulic-
Mechanical Transmission 2.
About the Author is hydraulic-
The mechanical transmission of the hydraulic winch, which is composed of hydraulic motors, multiple
Disc friction brakes, planetary gear reducers, drum wheels and other components supporting.
The hydraulic hoist has its own balance valve, which can not only prevent self-weight due to work and falling, but also ensure the stability of the hoist.
High working principle of hydraulic winch-
Speed the axial piston hydraulic motor through the planetary gear reducer, and then drive the winch drum.
The hydraulic hoist is to reverse the direction through the control valve, and the hoist adjusts the size of the hydraulic motor by changing the pump oil input to achieve the purpose of improving the speed.
The mechanical structure of the hydraulic hoist is generally similar to the mechanical part of the hoist.
Composition of disc friction brake, planetary gear reducer, drum wheel, bracket and other components.
The hydraulic winch is used in mobile equipment. based on the principle of light weight and small volume, the preliminary design is basically 321 ~ Between 340mm.
Axial size of about 240mm.
Winch reducer.
Two reducer designed for use in series, one is the disc-
The shape and structure of the planetary body, their ratio is 23: 1, and the other is the gourd structure, which is 3515: 1.
Therefore, the purpose is to achieve two kinds: first, to achieve slow speed, so that the operating speed is limited and easy to control;
The second is to improve the torque on the Quidong winch, so that the winch has enough torque to drive the rubber plate in the actual work.
The design form of the hoist: the hoist system is Square
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